Tired of brainstorming awesome app ideas? Let Twitter do it for you!

Someone should start hiking with me before the sunset... Positive company
Someone should make a company so people pay to twat people like that everywhere.
Someone should make a business where they print all your tweets into a book, so it's like a diary. I would buy that hahaha
"I think lady gaga or someone should start a record company, call it "EVEN THE LOSERS" & have u as her first artist." nah, I quit.
Someone should start a business specifically designed to help old people with technology. You'd make millions.
@jessssicats someone should start that business.
Someone should create a company to shuttle people from college campuses to the nearby airports. #SMU @buddyhollly @stefanraicevic #college
I think someone should start a business going grocery shopping for me. I hate doing that shit
I think someone should start a business selling protein pellets called 'BeAsObsessiveAsJamesProteinPellets' @TheVampsJames
I'm craving OJ and chicken noodle soup. Someone should make this into a delivery business. #sick
Business me: Someone should start a business putting together IKEA furniture! Cynical me: Its called a furniture store, ass. #handyman
@colelots someone should start a business of that.
Someone should make a Jamaican grain company called Mob Barley.
Someone should start a business organizing others Tweetdeck lists. Mine are just a mess right now.
@peternlewis Someone should make an iBank rival. I keep a Windows VM just for Quicken Home & Business, Mac competitors arent good enough.